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Challenge #124 - TV Show from the 2010s

Let's have another TV show challenge! Your favorite TV show that premiered in the 2010s. And it's a recent decade this time, so I hope there'll be plenty of sources and plenty of favorites from everyone! The remake rule also applies this time, just in reverse: if the show you're iconning is a…

Challenge #122 - Enemies

Oooh, a fascinating category! Enemies! That means you can icon one or two antagonistic relationships, involving at least two characters each. It doesn't matter if they turn into friends or lovers later, or if their enmity continues for all eternity. Source is unimportant this round, too,…

Challenge #102 - Remakes

Remakes, re-imaginings, restarts, reboots, adaptations, anything that is a new version of something that's come before. The medium is not relevant: stage plays made into movies count just as tv shows that follow movies or the other way around. Examples: New Who as a reboot of the Doctor Who…

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