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Challenge #58 - Comic Book / Manga

Icon your favorite comic book! Asian comics (manga) are included in this category! Also included are graphic novels, even those that were created as spin-offs from movies or shows, e.g. Buffy or Star Trek comics. Please make sure to use images from the printed source material and not tv…

Challenge #57 - Font

This is a very technical challenge for a change. Your favorite font must appear on your icon! Of course there is no limit to what else can appear in the icon - it doesn't have to be text only. I'm again lifting the two-item restriction - you can choose four different ones. Feel free to link…

Challenge #56 - Romance Movie

Yay, one of my favorite things: romance movies! Chick flicks! I don't think I have to say much more. :D Anything that has romance as a core plot point counts. Go icon your favorites! I'm looking forward to the icons! Titanic by scarred_loretta | Tangled by…

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