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Damn, what hit this gate at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery hard enough to do this kind of damage, tearing half a locked gate off and demolishing a thick concrete post? Oh, a U-Haul van or truck, considering this souvenir the torn-off part of the gate still holds. Its front bumper is also left…

Nothing beside remains

At the beginning of May, I was heartened by how more of Lutheran All Faiths had been mown and trimmed than it has been for a long time and that I saw a landscaping company's truck and personnel in one place. It made me optimistic. So when I visited June 2, I felt more betrayed than usual.…

Queens Wears Its History Semi-Openly

Current photos of the sadly neglected Frank T. Lang Building. One of the cats bracketing the name plate. The rest of the Metropolitan Avenue side of the building. The elusive foxes? bears? Another bit of cemetery-related Queens history: Some locals would disagree strongly…

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