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Castlevania like/fan games; extra Gunblader/Agent

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: I got the 2nd bad end game over because I was hitting Gebel without paying attention to the other big symbol in that SMALL FRACKING ROOM. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair PC Unity: I like having mouse support, but hoo boy the game is mostly in Japanese... My kanji…

mobile game stories; Castlevania

So I've been interested in Fire Emblem, specifically the stories and characters. In 1 of my DFO guilds, the guys are playing Fire Emblem Heroes. I decided to look up YT videos of the story, but it is hard to find a pure playlist of just the story chapters and maybe the paralogues/xenologues.…

some Playstation and Castlevania news

My friend bought this up today: Konami/Sony is rereleasing Rondo of Blood (original) and Symphony of the Night as "Castlevania: Requiem" for PS4 digitally =(. Idk if SotN will include the new stuff from DXC, but both are definitely using the new English dub. I guess I'll make a PS4 wishlist and…

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