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Blackness Castle. This entry was originally posted at https://purplecat.dreamwidth.org/773326.html.

Castle: The Art of F (1/1)

Summary: Kate's a bit concerned about childbirth, but Castle's there to reassure her, to show her what her body is capable of. Fill for the Kink Meme Prompt: Castle/Beckett Fisting. This - not the pregnancy, which is so frightening Kate, it's - childbirth. Prior to the Castle,…

Castle: Got A Bad Desire (1/1)

Kink Meme PROMPT: Pairing Castle/Beckett. Pre-couple season 3/4 Kate is sick or injured. She is incredibly and PAINFULLY horny. She needs to get off. Maybe it's necessary for her getting better? A side effect? But she can't do it herself (hands in casts, wrists sprained, etc).…

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