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An evil little though occured to me.

While looking at gifs of Supernatural. What if at the end of Season 15 the network turned around and said, "Oh you thought that was the end. We've decided to renew it again!" And I suspect the response would be like Crowley's here. via GIPHY I don't think they will but sort of like iif a certain…

Sam Daily

From ep 14.15 So much love for the "milkshake date" scene! When I made this edit, I thought it was interesting that Sam has a vanilla milkshake, which blends in (just like Sam will) while Castiel's is strawberry (which sticks out). edits by me

Sam Daily

I'm sorry that I haven't posted this past week! I'll be catching up on things now. Sam burning himself out by endlessly hunting, as a reaction to the loss of all those hunters that Michael killed. Not dealing well with the trauma of it, and losing himself to the "happy" of Charming Acres. I…

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