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DEW: Wordless

WORDLESS Rating: K+ Genre: Humour Characters: Castiel POV Spoilers/Warnings: None Word Count: 100 Disclaimer: I don't own him It amazed Castiel how the Winchester brothers could communicate so clearly and so completely without a word being said. How Dean could push Sam's buttons simply…

Fic: Three Men and a Nephilim

Title: Three Men and a Nephilim Category: Humor, domestic fluff Pairing: Sam/Cas Characters: Jack, Sam, Castiel, Dean Rating: PG-13 (at most, for Dean giving "the talk") Wordcount: 680 Disclaimer: All for fun, none for profit. Summary: A slice-of-life gift fic for a requester who wanted Sam and Cas…

Sam Daily

From ep 14.09 Protective!Cas telling Sam to wait for them, and Sam agrees... but Sam can't wait, Jack is in danger. lovedsammy

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