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Fic: Where the Moon is a Pie (NC-17) - Chapter 2 has posted

Where the Moon is a Pie Summary: Bucky shouldn't have touched the thing. Now look at the mess he's landed himself in. Or: Bucky Barnes is zapped into another dimension. Rating: somewhere between mature and explicit Word Count: 5400 of 47700 posted Content Notes: Everyone lives in the…

Friends Mostly

This is the Dreamwidth blog for Jo aka taikodragon, CaptShirogane. I do podfics mainly and get excited about Takashi Shirogane of Voltron Legendary Defender. New podfics are posted every Wednesday! This entry was originally posted at https://taikodragon.dreamwidth.org/2119735.html.…

Cap's Shield

MIT's annual prank ("hack") this year was putting Captain America's shield on the Great Dome during the movie's Opening Weekend. Chris Evans, a Massachusetts native, delightedly tweeted all about it. Anyway, here's the vid with the grand theme music! :)…

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