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CO2 & Your Cannabis Garden

( http://bit.ly/2Jsdnnk ) - Why CO2 is Important for Your Cannabis Garden In order to compensate for plant CO2 consumption inside the greenhouse and to boost the levels to beyond outdoor ambient to create higher yield, a lot of study has gone into the benefits and risks of adding this gas to…

Top OSHA Infractions in the Cannabis Industry

( http://bit.ly/2L31RQR ) - OSHA is Becoming Active in the Cannabis Industry The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is becoming active here in Denver, Colorado and has plans to inspect even more marijuana businesses. Even though marijuana businesses may not be federally…

Pesticide Removal During Cannabis Extraction

( http://bit.ly/2L19V8g ) - Removing Pesticides During Extraction Cannabis extracts are all the rage these days, from oils and wax to budder and shatter. The cannabis plant, however, is still classified as an illegal drug by the United States federal government and this makes it difficult for the…

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