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buffy the vampire slayer

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, September 28

ANYA: What about the Council? What do they say about this? GILES: Gone. WILLOW: What? GILES: Obliterated. They were in session, and, uh, there was an explosion. WILLOW: That means all the Council's records are-are destroyed? GILES: Annabelle. That's what's left. The mystic secrets of…

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, September 21

Buffy: Okay. That was too close for comfort. Not that slaying is ever comfy, but... you know what I mean? If you guys hadn't been here to help... Willow: But, we were, and we did, and, and we're all fine. (looks down at the monster) Isn't he gonna go poof? Buffy: Mm, I guess these guys…

The Disillusionment of Joss Whedon

Charisma Carpenter wrote a message speaking out against Joss Whedon in support of Ray Fisher who has been speaking out about his mistreatment by Whedon while filming Justice League. While most fans are probably aware of what happened to Charisma during filming Angel, which has become infamous…

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