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Land of Art [Phase 11] - Ch 10: F is for What is That Sound?

Another favorite challenge: fanmix/CD covers! In the past I have done a few of these for fandom projects with music chosen by authors I collaborated with. This time I went through my own archives of (old) mixtapes/CDs after picking my objects of affection. I wanted the designs to feel like real…

Land of Art [Phase 11] - Ch 7: C is for a Way to Color

This was one of my favorite Challenges in landofart, because I got to play with new types of set ups. I was familiar with lovebars from my early days in the CSI fandom, but I didn't know there was also a variation called a colorbar. I had never heard of a Panarama, but I love the whole…

Land of Art [Phase 11] - Ch 6: Hide & Seek

(No I didn't skip a number; Challenge 5 is a BigBang Team Challenge, due in December:) The Hide & Seek Challenge has several rounds; I submitted three fandoms for this in (pre-)Challenge 3 and so did other participants, so we start with a whole bunch of fandoms to choose from. After each round,…

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