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Intoabar fic: Friday Night in Cardiff (Torchwood/Angel)

My first fic posted this year! I have signed up for summer_of_giles again though, so should be posting my follow-up fic to Bridge Over Troubled Water on 6 July, plus I have a new Season of Kink bingo card which I may or may not actually manage to write anything for... But in the meantime,…

Spike, the Buffybot and the meaning of "Human".

After some discussion on EF about Spike and the Buffybot I found myself thinking about the thematic importance of Warren's short-lived creation. This is the result - comments would be welcome, especially if you want to engage with or rebut my ideas, but if meta isn't your thing, feel free to pass…

Once More With Feeling

Yes, I am a Buffy freak -- I think I have eluded to that now and then. When I bought Season 4, I also got the official soundtrack to the musical episode (no offense to you C -- I still have my burned MP3 version!!) I just LOVE it. Silly, but I was crying on my way to work listening to "I'm Under…

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