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Things are going well

Wow it's September already. Fall is here. Now I don't mind that Halloween stuff is poping up a bit early as nothing happens in September. I'm very happy because my friend Mike can take care of my birds while I am gone. I had been looking into other places but gosh yeah so glad this is working out.…

Talking budgie

I have spent all of today making videos. I'm behind posting here so here are two videos of Minion talking. Finally this is up to date on his current vocabulary. https://youtu.be/Cn6alkmd1u0 https://youtu.be/SUat_ntaCDI I think he has around a 40 word vocabulary. We're working on "Put that…

Lots of new shells

Saturday Chris took me out to another shell store in Largo. The owner there was very nice too. He took us into the back room and showed us some newly arrived king's crown conch. This is a type I have been looking for. We got to pick out our faves from a bucket full that had just been cleaned. I…

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