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Sunday Buddhist practice

I set up my altar for practicing at home. I already had the little table and Buddha figure. I used to have other things on the altar, but Davey was always knocking stuff off and playing with it, so these days, it's just the Buddha. I put the other items out when I'm practicing, and put them…

Sunday service

First Sunday of no temple. Lama Surya Das, an American lama of the Tibetan school of Buddhism, was holding a Virtual Meditation Town Hall this morning on Zoom at 8 AM Pacific time. That's a bit early for me, but I thought if I happened to get up in time, I would check it out. And, my cat just…

The Secret of Enlightenment

“No matter how much I meditate, I’ll never become Enlightened, whatever that is.” So said an experienced practitioner during one of my meditation groups’ Q&A periods. I had a strong and immediate reaction, because her understanding of Enlightenment is based on a frustratingly common…

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