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BtVS Double Drabble: Self-Defence

Title: Self-Defence Fandom: BtVS Author: badly_knitted Characters: Buffy, Ted. Rating: PG Written For: Challenge 32: Charge at doubledrabbles. Spoilers/Setting: Ted. Summary: He’d hit her and she’d fought back, but she hadn’t meant to kill…

Fantasy Icons

So, I joined in novindalf Fantasy Icon Battle, which was SO much fun, and WOW, look how many amazing icons were made!! Here's my contribution. I wanted one icon from each of my fave fantasy shows. Hover for fandom, as always. Teasers: favourite costume | fake background…


Managed to scrape up a very short Seasonal Spuffy entry at the last minute. It be here: Cheat Sheet Part 2 I bought a flat of apricots at Costco, so I made apricot danishes today. They were not really a success. I left them in the oven too long, and the bottoms are a little burnt. I'm not sure…

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