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BTS announced as Funko Pops

Toy Fair New York Reveals: BTS Pop! #FunkoTFNY @BTS_twt https://t.co/XMzrpEp2dG pic.twitter.com/1Mx2e7smdp— Funko (@OriginalFunko) February 15, 2019 During this weekend's national toyfair it was revealed that the members of BTS were announced as Funkos and will be available…

[[ Yoongi plz ]]

*Namjoon was spending a lot of time in the studio lately since he had a lot of inspiration. He had made quite a few songs over the past few days, but today things just wouldn't go his way. No matter what he did the melody wouldn't come out right.* Fuck... *He mutters under his breath.…

Time with you (Tae please !)

*After the offical engaments the boys had all gone back to there rooms, jimin flopped on the bed and groaned wanting to change but it was to much energy * Taeeeeeee *he said cutley making grabby hands for the other he wanted to make the most of there time together in America before the next…

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