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broccoli cauliflower chicken casserole

Yup, this casserole again. But this time, I made it without the gluten-free pasta. I used cauliflower instead, but next time I will used riced cauliflower, because the florets didn't want to fit in my pan. I used 1.25 cup of chicken broth, 1.75 cup of cashew milk, and a full 8oz block of…

broccoli chicken casserole

I have not been cooking regularly since probably July, but I'm trying to get back on track because I'm trying to make some real changes to my diet. I've decided I need to take my wheat intolerance more seriously because it makes me feel terrible, and I think it's associated with my…

pork sirloin and latkes

DH and I made this pork sirloin and broccoli-cauliflower latkes, much to our disappointment. I can't really blame the recipe, though, because I didn't follow it exactly. I used the pressure cooker to cook the pork and then finished under the broiler. It ended up being overcooked coming…

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