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He called me Liz...

Fr. I is no longer my favorite priest! HAHAHAHA!!! Weird... Maybe it's just priests prepping their homilies or something... Because today's readings were essentially about vocations, the call of God. Elijah throwing his cloak on Elisha. Living by the Spirit and not the flesh. Then Jesus saying…

Elizabeth is such a weirdo...

I gave my priest his Christmas present, which included a dog toy and a gift card to a grocery store. Such a weirdo!!! I then had to wait for him to chat with a guy before handing it to him. Just said, "I wanted to give this to you, Merry Christmas". Smiled, thank you and booked it out of there!…

Happy Saturday!

Just got back from the mall, started the laundry. Went to Best Butt. I'm eying a roku for the TV downstairs. But... It's more a convenience thing. Like on the rare occasion I get to use the TV when Mom isn't around or once when sparkyboy / 7500centfish is around. I don't…

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