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I feel tired and crampy and I kinda feel like I'm having mittelschmerz, which is ovulation pain. But... I shouldn't be ovulating. I'm so confused. But yeah... Even according to my period app, I should be in the fertile period via cycle dates. But like I said, I shouldn't be ovulating. Ugh... I…

Last night was uncomfortable.

My back hurts. I think I slept on my arm. Normally lying down relieves the discomfort on my sutures. Are they sutures? It's glue... Anyway, for some reason, unlike usual, laying down seemed to apply stress on my incision sites. I woke up in discomfort. I was upstairs for a bit and felt like I was…

Happy 4th of July!

So I watched Hamilton last night and I can see why the show is as popular as it is and why it has won so many awards :) I also hope all of my fellow Americans have a wonderfully Happy 4th of July and to everyone else, Happy Saturday!

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