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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone who celebrates has an awesome day filled with jelly beans, chocolate eggs and family and if you don’t, please have a lovely Sunday :):) I’m glad Game of Thrones is back on my TV but I am not down with the fandom wank particularly coming from the Daenerys stans who…

I'm too hyped up to sleep right now.

Just finished RENT live. It's wasn't great, but it was fun to text 7500centfish, live tweet and laugh at. Let me preface anything with... I was never a fan of RENT. It, like musicals today, wasn't my style of music. Either way, I saw it back in the earlyish 2000s? Still didn't dive into…

Sightseeing x2...

I haven't written about our yearly trip into the city to see a bway play! I did semi mention it when I mentioned having to go to church on Sat and not wanting to go to a stranger church... Anyway, this year geebs chose Mean Girls. I had never seen the movie so... I then also question if…

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