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pan de yuca

I made this pan de yuca but it didn't turn out quite right. I didn't have grated cheese, so I used shredded cheese and ran it through the food processed real quick. It didn't get the cheese as fine as grated though. It's also kind of flour-y in flavor. I might try this again…

But does it actually taste All That Much Better?

I daresay I am not the only person sighing and rolling my eyes at the intelligence that the humble and ancient art of breadmaking is being disrupted: bread-baking in America has, of late, found a friend in the unlikeliest of people: engineers, technologists, and the Silicon Valley-centric and…

Admittedly, not one of my go-to books

Kitchen revolution: how Nigella Lawson changed food writing: yet another of those articles that makes yr hedjog grumpy by being about 'revolutions' and 'the one and only' when there is a longer history and broader tradition. Okay, there is a name-check to MFK Fisher, but nothing about Laurie…

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