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bread in entries

I see this thing has come around again, so I will be a hedge-sheep

First lines of first posts in each month (excluding birthday greetings): What I read Finished Dreams Before the Start of Time, v good. Am rather tempted by this exhibition Unbound: Visionary Women Collecting Textiles, 25th January 2020 – 19th April 2020 (and did get to it, yay) Bread made…

skillet naan (bostonglobe)

How to Make Naan Sally Vargas So, continuing from last week….The naan pizza is a game changer. If you can’t buy them near you, or you just want to jump on the pandemic bread bandwagon without going full sourdough, these flatbreads are a great place to start. The traditional Indian flatbreads are…

I know everybody, it seems like, has been making sourdough...

But over the past several weeks I have been making as is my usual wont, yeasted breads, and I am finally coming to the end of a supply of fresh yeast laid in well before everything locked down - - and really, it has been the fresh yeast supply That Could, it is still going strong, which is…

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