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Admittedly, not one of my go-to books

Kitchen revolution: how Nigella Lawson changed food writing: yet another of those articles that makes yr hedjog grumpy by being about 'revolutions' and 'the one and only' when there is a longer history and broader tradition. Okay, there is a name-check to MFK Fisher, but nothing about Laurie…

no knead pumpernickel (Schwarzbrot)

IMPORTANT FIRST NOTE: This is a recipe for German pumpernickel or Schwarzbrot. This is *not* a recipe for whatever the heck sells under the same name (pumpernickel) in America. I recommend this recipe for anyone who has 2-3 days to kill, because it takes forever. (Actually, most of the time is…

herby cheesy bread

VERY APPROXIMATE PARTS LIST BECAUSE I MAKE BREAD FROM SIGHT good luck >_> 3?? pounds of bread flour 2T sugar 1t salt 2T yeast 1/3-1/2c herbs de provence, muddled 1T black pepper 6oz your favorite salty cheese**, cubed* ??? warm water until dough 1/4c? olive oil after dough is done kneading…

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