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BPAL Tracker

My entire BPAL experience in spreadsheet form. Although, I have reached a point where duplicate g!imps from the lab don't get listed, and head directly to the swap box. The Official Lab Description field is blank for a lot of entries because... well, it's a LOT of data even to just copy + paste.…

BPAL Tracker Pt. 2

Continued from BPAL Tracker Part 1. supervillainess's BPAL tracker Name Official Lab Description Date, Size & Origin of Purchase Status & Preference Limited Edition 13 Notes 1/13/06 - 5 Kinda goes plasticy. Swapped. 13 (Orange - 2006) Notes 10/23/06 - 5 Coconut - Black…

New BPAL wishlist

I'm into BPAL again. Making a wishlist. BOTTLES - GC BB Bewitched D: Black Phoenix D Maenad E: Bastet E Elegba * E: Shango E: Agalea I: Katherina I: Tamora SS the bow and crown of conquest SS the great sword of war W Florence * Leanan Sidhe Fenris Wolf BOTTLES - LE CD Antonino the Carny…

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