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Parenting Solo

The weekend before last, we attended the wedding of some friends, Jill and Baruch. Best wishes to the happy couple! Was a lovely celebration! I don't even remember what I was up to that Saturday. I think I did some cooking? The past while has been a bit intense because Julie is half a world away.…

Eris Elsewhere

Julie had more last-minute business travel this weekend, once again to the NYC area. But instead of leaving me on solo parenting duty, Julie decided to take the kid on the night train so she could have another visit with her cousin. Which is very generous! Seems the trip went well. I didn't get as…

Playtime In Union Square

We've been taking Eris to Play Union a lot recently. It's basically a big rec room full of toys. She loves it, and it's been a nice alternative to the playground for days when the weather is rainy or super hot. Will probably be a good activity in the winter months, too, when 4:30PM is already dark…

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