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so it was kind of a day but i got cake

this morning i met tamalinn and her friend rachel (who i guess is now also my friend rachel) for brunch at 10:30, so of course i woke up at... 10:15. >.< good thing i can be dressed and out of the house in ten minutes. i passed an open house on my way home so i went in, and it was…

Books books books

I visited the ABC and Waterstones bookstores in Amsterdam again today. Managed to buy more books than I intended, but that's usually the case. I <3 Waterstones and wish I could live there. Because I bought so many books at Waterstones this past year, I got a €15,- voucher which I can spend…


Today I spent a day with my mom. We took the train to The Hague where we had a wonderful lunch and also just walked along this one shopping street which was away from the city centre but was therefor much more fun. The street contained a bookstore and we of course had to set foot in it. It was…

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