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Fandom meme

Borrowed from aboundinhope, pattrose, and spikesgirl58. 1.What shows you watching these days? 2. Are you still into fandomy things? (Creating or consuming fanfic, fanvids, etc.) 3. Even if you're not doing fandom, what are your ships these days? 4. Instagram? 5.…

Happy Pickle Day!

It is getting seriously chilly (already below freezing tonight and it’s not yet 6 pm). It seems stupid, but I feel cold because I can’t fire up the wood stove and get that one comfort zone, because the stove needs fixing,… and I need to take a picture of the firebox to send to…

Cnut the Great by Timothy Bolton

Cnut the Great (The English Monarchs) by Timothy Bolton book cover A seminal biography of the underappreciated eleventh-century Scandinavian warlord-turned-Anglo-Saxon monarch who united the English and Danish crowns to forge a North Sea empire Historian Timothy Bolton offers a fascinating…

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