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well it was a monday

guess who either forgot to set her alarm last night, or turned it off in her sleep! >.< fortunately i woke up with enough time to make lunch and catch my bus, but i was discombobulated all morning. two work things! a. last wednesday i spent some quality time at a bookbinding workshop run by…

what new devilry is this

i went to the grocery store this morning wearing a t-shirt and a flannel and NO COAT. in BOSTON. in JANUARY. what the actual and entire fuck. it's too early for spring! it will be winter again eventually, but still. wtf. i saw a lot of people walking their dogs, tho, and that's always a good time.…

i like this time of year - there's so much food

happy hanukah to my fellow hebs, and to the non-hebs, a very restful sunday. :D as it is said: they tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat. (my sister had a hanukah party today and there was as per usual a lot of food. also cousins. food was et, fun was had.) yesterday one of my friends from…

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