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Misc TV Show Fanfic Being Human (BBC) A Simple Cup of Tea: https://livinginsmiles.livejournal.com/12591.html The moments between Annie's death and her first haunting. Untitled: https://livinginsmiles.livejournal.com/12395.html Annie is shedding. What Lay Beyond:…

And if I shed a tear (1/1)

TITLE: And if I shed a tear.... FANDOM: Bones RATED: PG SPOILERS: Mayhem on the Cross KEYWORDS: Post-ep. Angst. B/B friendship. UST. SUMMARY: Picking up later in the evening, after dinner. A moment between Booth and Brennan. DISCLAIMER: Booth. Brennan. Bones. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine.…

Caught up (155 words)

Title: Caught up Fandom: Bones Pairing: Booth/Brennan Keywords: 155 words Summary: Inspired by Ange’s line in The Widow’s son in the Windshield: “We’ll talk again when you catch up.” Note: Because I wanted to get one last ficlet out there before 2007…

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