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BOMBERMAN ⇢ Career Change

Title: Career Change. Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse). Pairing: The beginnings of Zoniha/Regulus. Words: 3,199. Summary: Zoniha receives an offer that she can refuse but doesn’t really want to. Rating: PG-13ish, as per the usual. Notes: I’ve been in the process of tweaking and filling in the…

BOMBERMAN ⇢ The Awakening: Part I

Title: The Awakening: Part I. Fandom: Bomberman (Edenverse). Pairing: N/A. Words: 2194. Summary: Wake up. Your destiny's calling. Rating: PG-13. Notes: I name this "Part I" as if I'm actually going to write Part II, pfft. I have vague plans for it but the urge to do this story diminished…

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