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body art

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20 tailored ways to get out of your head in a hurry <3

Pain being one of them, creating memories and a legacy, and magick, and meaning...if only skin deep...being another. <3 Also... AnonymousColleague: "I know fuckall about what you do, and I don't even begin to understand how you do what you do, but it just *works*". Me, smirking and…

Steel through flesh

Lost five (!!!) of those screw-on zirkonia stone thingies on my tragus studs in the last two weeks. They just fell off, and vanished into some nirvana, black hole...I don't know. Never found them. Needless to say that I was ultra pissed off, and therefore paid my piercer yet another visit…

This morning's route card

Teahouse —> Duft & Schönheit —> PGM —> Wolle Rödel —> Bijou Brigitte —> Butlers —> Karstadt —> Mekong Markt —> Cutglass —> Edeka. < 2 hrs. Made it out of the inner city before it all got mega crowded. Nevertheless, I have had it with humans until Monday (select…

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