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[[Opened to Ikon !!]]

*Jinwoo is tired of feeling down about certain events that happened lately. Since the party, he's thought a lot about Hoseok, Changkyun, Jooheon, and even Hyunwoo. He wished he could talk to Hyunwoo, but honestly, he feels ashamed and embarrassed and he wouldn't want him to look down on him. Jinwoo…

A party for you! [[Open to everyone! please join <3]]

*Jinwoo completely threw himself into planning the party he promised his close friend, Jinhwan. He decorated a penthouse suite in Red and white and food and candy to match the scheme. The huge windows overlooked the city from up high and there was enough space for all his guests. He even made sure…

<3 [[Bobby & Junhoe]]

*Jinhwan woke up a little later than usual, he took a shower and got ready for the day. He notices Junhoe wasn't there and wondered where he had gone, he sends his boyfriend a quick text. He looks into Donghyuk's room and realizes he's gone too. He goes into Bobby's room to find…

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