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62nd day of quarantine

1100: Tam's up, doing yoga, I was up @0815, Tam was up after that. We finally got our Sun Basket box, a day late, from Terry the FedEx driver at about 1000. He's been our FedEx driver for WINC and HDMs (Home Delivery Meals) for about a year and a half. We talked for a good 5 minutes, but…

The 58th day of quarantine

1340: Tam's doin' yoga, I'm listening to Wagner on KING-FM, to which we are a contributing members now that I succumbed to their fund drive yesterday, so now listening to it is now 'Guilt-Free!' And both Tam and I are looking forward to a rebroadcast from the Seattle Opera at…

09MAY20, the 56th day of quarantine

Well, shit! A whole lotta of stuff going on right now, I'm fine, Tam's fine! But I have no fucking idea what my password is on Livejournal.com is right now. I can post to it, though! That's a good thing. I have done two successful posting tests so far, this is the third.

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