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Fandom: Bleach Title: Misunderstood Pairing: one-sided NnoitraxNel Rating: PG13 (for eyeholes) Timeline: AU. Unless candy in Hueco Mundo is a thing. Summary: Poor Nnoitra. He really wasn't such a bad guy once you got to know him. AN: Quick fic written for hentai_contest,…

Kenpachi in Love?

Fandom: Bleach Title: Kenpachi in Love? Pairing: KenpachixByakuya Rating: PG13 (language) Timeline: Totally AU Summary: Kenpachi does not do love. AN: A quick birthday fic for baroqueangel that follows Kenpachi at the Club and Follow Up. Kenpachi in Love? Kenpachi was…

Family Way Chapter 12 "Conflict Resolution" COMPLETE

Fandom: Bleach Title: Family Way Pairing: RyuukenxUryuu, eventual IchigoxUryuu Rating: Varies by chapter, NC17 overall Timeline: Unabashedly AU Summary: Uryuu begins to develop feelings for the new kid at school. Now if only he could figure out what to do about the... situation... between him…

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