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Weeb Seeking Weeb (OcxCanon, Email, doubling)

Hi all! I'm Quaz, 24F, CST. Looking for some fandom roleplays that are: - doubling - email - oc x canon - para/multi-para - Romance, action, angst, drama The fandoms I'm looking for are: - My Hero Academia (Todoroki) - Bleach (Jushiro) - Naruto Shippuden (Kiba) - Death Note (Matt) In…

Bleach m/m anyone?

You can call me Arabis. I'm 31 years old and have been roleplaying for a large part of my life now. Having recently gotten back into Bleach I am looking for somebody to be either my roleplay partner or maybe a writing/brainstorming partner. my roleplaying style is the usual book writing style so…

Seeking RP Partner for MxM Fandom RP

Hi everyone ! I’m Liv and I would love to enjoy the summer to start some new threads and meet new RP partners. I’m primarily interested in MxM and I am currently looking for Fandom RPs. I’m mostly interested in older fandoms right now: Harry Potter, Naruto, Bleach and FVII.…

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