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blake's 7

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Happy (Or Sad, Or Deliciously Angsty) Gauda Prime Day!

At least two people on my friendslist (or whatever it's called on DW) today have pointed out that it is not only Guada Prime Day, but the 40th Gauda Prime day. I am constantly amused, and surprised, and delighted that this is a date that remains marked in fannish memory even now. And for those…

Deva's Desk and other zines

Anyway! Apart from late night summer lunacy I have 'zines. One is Deva's Desk edited by me; a Blake's 7 babyzine. The others are edited by holli of DIYfanzines and are: The Turtle Moves (Terry Pratchett) and Encyclopedia Gallifrey (Dr Who) and they are both spiffing. I like the…

New B7 fic

Don't know if anyone is interested, but I just posted a Blake's 7 fic to AO3. It's here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21583690

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