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Yuuutsu na asa!

I never really posted about the manga Yuuutsu na asa so this post won't make much sense without an introduction to the manga but I want to post it now before I forget again ^^U Tomoyuki Katsuragi must be my favorite character ever! He's such a complex character and the way his story…

BL oneshoots!

Or more like "single volumes" recommendations lol In a sea of hundreds of BL mangas (or well, it's more like hundreds of any genres of manga at this point!) I became quite picky about what to read, after all, reading anything is what made me have that long BL hiatus that lasted some…

Doushiyoumonee Kusogaki (SNK DJ translation)

Author: Spleen (Irie) Raw : Me and Meganekotan Translator: Ecstasy816 Genre: Yaoi, (A bit of tragedy) Manga: Shingeki no Kyojin Pairing: Eren x Jean Happy new year everyone! I haven’t done any translation project for a long long time. I have been really busy, and the more I…

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