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Plumbers, birds and bodies

I had the plumber come over the other day to do the yearly flushing out of the tankless water heater, and also to clean out my slow draining sink (I knew it was clogging with hair, and oh boy, was it ever: GROSSSS). Anyway, at some point in our interations he said to me, "Ma'am, any chance…

It's the little things

See, and here I was, about to make a post about some of the stuff that has made me happy recently, and LJ has to go and bork my journal for the second time this week. Sigh. But I can move on. (And choose a different icon for this post, too.) Okay, what's been happening recently... Last Wednesday,…


Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris). Small bird, enormous feet. Scuttles furtively up - always up (its motives are pure) - the trunks of trees. Sunshine: too warm for a sweater, even at 8am. In the forest, Tree Pipits parachuting down, singing. First dragonfly of the year on the wing - a…

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