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Тайфунник Соландра

Так, буревестники у меня были, качурки были, даже альбатросы нашлись. А ведь в интереснейшем отряде Трубконосых еще есть прионы, ныряющие буревестники и тайфунники. О первых двух можете погуглить, но в России они не встречаются, т.ч. вряд ли я их увижу. А из последних к нам залетают аж четыре вида,…

Dorset Falconry Park

Belle, a Chilean Blue eagle. Yesterday a visit to the Dorset Falconry Park, which only opened in 2019. It's rather hard to find, tucked away along narrow back lanes near West Stafford, but just as I was losing hope, I came across a sign pointing the way down a narrow lane. Parked in the…

Floating, flying, and flipping out

It was a warm day, so dad pulled the tarp off the pool to help it warm back up. He also decided to go swimming after dinner, but not long after he went outside (though, okay, that did include a s'mores break), he came back in to get his keys to go into the shed. There was an issue with the pool…

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