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Nightjar, confused

17.05.19. Late afternoon walk in the forest. A dull grey day. The first nightjar of the year, newly arrived and confused, heard churring in the daytime.

Owls not welcome

5.30am in the forest, and light. Cloud in the east hiding the sunrise. Clear sky overhead and frost in the air. Mist over the marshes. A jay making a terrific racket, high up in the pines. Looked up to see a tawny owl taking flight through the trees, the jay mobbing it. The owl settled on one of…

This Trick Will Change Your Life!

Have a look at this Lindt Bugs and Bees packet. The bee, I recognise; so too the ladybird. But what is the brown and gold striped beetle? It's not native to Australia. I was up late the other night, having a cup of camomile tea before bed, with only the kitchen light on and everything else dark.…

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