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Bye bye birdie

As if overnight, the goldfinches have vanished. A few of the juncos are still around. Mourning doves, white-winged doves, blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, and titmice and wrens are still in residence. But no goldfinches. Read Karen Thompson Walker's The Age of Miracles and liked it quite a lot.…

Finished Ben Aaronovitch's The Hanging Tree last night. I liked it a lot, but ... I have some quibbles with it. I'm going to put the rest under a cut because I may give away some plot points, and I know I'd be pissed if I were spoiled for something I hadn't read yet. *g* But you know what? I…

Pointy points

1) I saw a female Purple Finch on one of the sunflower seed feeders this afternoon. Beautiful little bird! The white stripe over the eye was super distinctive. :D 2) Grey and dreary, supposed to rain all or most of the day tomorrow. Which we do really need! But still. Rain. 3) I was sorry to see…

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