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Conflicting messages

Things people have told me regarding me mental health in the past 7 days: "You seem fine" "Your psychiatrist wants to see you sooner than August, can we get you in tomorrow?" "I mean if they (your current mental health team) isn't working out for you we can help you" "You're doing so much better"…

You know what there is nothing shameful about having bipolar

(adult as in adult subject matter) There is nothing shameful about it. I have a mental health diagnosis. I'm done feeling like the victim of insults and abandonment, because people are so hateful of those with a mental illness they can't even see a person suffering, they just see something they…

In case you didn't know.

Catherine Zeta Jones comes out of the bipolar closet Too bad another person has to suffer with it, but good for her to be open about it.

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