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One-Year-Later meme

(aome did it....) 1. Did you catch COVID-19? If yes, when, and was it bad? Not unless I was asymptomatic. I've had minimal contact with people outside my household. (And my household was only 3; now 2.) 2. Did anybody close to you catch the virus, or even die from it? Not that I…


Fri Mar 5 01:32:23 EST 2021 Bike to Work Day is back – Friday, May 21. Socially Distanced. Convoys will not be part of the 2021 event due to COVID. Convoys will return in 2022.I was wondering about that. If you're following other people you're breathing their air. Bike alone or partner up…

sehen mirror

Sat Feb 27 01:16:48 EST 2021 The sehen.bike website is gone. The Sehen bike mirror was a superior bike mirror for attaching to glasses or helmets. The materials chosen dampened vibration to give a stable image. They were a crowd-funded project, but it looks like they didn't make it. It's been…

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