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23:43 Tuesday 29 June 2021 I have been cycling very little this year. With 2½ days off this week, I felt I really should get out on the bike. It's beastly hot this week; heat index today of 100°F/37.8°C. Riding in the evening, leaving around 20:30, was a good idea. Just an ordinary…

bike to work from home

Thu May 20 23:52:38 EDT 2021 Tomorrow is Bike-to-Work Day. B2WD was cancelled last year. Everything was shut down; few people were going to work. This year, to allow social distancing, they have everyone signed up for time slots at the "pit stops". There's no "convoys" this year; they would…

One-Year-Later meme

(aome did it....) 1. Did you catch COVID-19? If yes, when, and was it bad? Not unless I was asymptomatic. I've had minimal contact with people outside my household. (And my household was only 3; now 2.) 2. Did anybody close to you catch the virus, or even die from it? Not that I…

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