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another sad day

Sat Dec 29 17:06:58 EST 2018 Some days I'm just pervasively sad. It was a nice day for a bike ride – but I slept past 14:00, so by the time I had something to eat there wasn't much daylight left. I got home from work after midnight, and I hadn't had dinner. It was almost 06:00 when I got…

broken spoke

I broke a spoke in my rear wheel just as I arrived at work, at the top of the ramp into the parking garage. I figured I would deal with it when I left. (My hands would be warmer.) I had a lot of trouble getting the broken spoke out. It broke at the nipple. Replacing it will require removing the…

the pedal?

Sun Nov 18 05:33:04 EST 2018 I've been getting a strange clicking noise on the bike for a few weeks. It occurs only when I'm pedalling, and it's always at the same point in the stroke, as my right foot reaches maximum extension. It was faint and infrequent at first, but gradually became louder and…

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