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Sin's Slow Deadly Poison.

Serpents everywhere biting people, killing people - why? Because the people sinned against God. God gave the enslaved freedom, yet the enslaved were so filled with their mistrust, they could only think of the comforts of their slavery. Is it strange to believe there were/are comforts in…

The Earthly and the Heavenly Things.

Jesus tells us we must be born again of water and Spirit. Jesus tells us outright that our original birth is not enough- we need a spiritual birth. Unlike our birth- which we had absolutely no say so in, we do have a say so in our spiritual birth. Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews. As a ruler…

We Are All Prisoners.

Newness of life. We quite literally go from having a very real eternal death sentence over us to having a very real eternal life offered to us. New life. Having seen several shows on television, and reading about the true life stories that some of those show themes are taken from, I have…

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