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Writer's Block: A real eye opener

The HOLY BIBLE. Whether a person chooses to dive into the King James version (traditionally accepted amongst all protestant denominations), or the easier to read NIV (New International Version), every human being on the face of this planet should spend some time in their life reading God's…

Bible on sin of sodomy and today's LGBTQ

WBC child member holding signs Here what the Bible warns us ,when it comes with sin of sodomy and today's political agenda that is promoting a destructive force as well known LGBTQ + subculture. Whether it is a conspiracy theory in pushing the satanic agenda of human genocide…

Sin's Slow Deadly Poison.

Serpents everywhere biting people, killing people - why? Because the people sinned against God. God gave the enslaved freedom, yet the enslaved were so filled with their mistrust, they could only think of the comforts of their slavery. Is it strange to believe there were/are comforts in…

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