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F irst off, I like the idea of the Sabrina series returning with a darker tinge than the previous merely "family friendly" version meant for the after school crowd. I'd just watch it from time to time for evocation, the pretty ladies, sexy witches, adorable familiar antics of Salem the black…

Columbine questionnaire

In the wake of the Texashooting, is this questionnaire with accompanying illustration by Columbine killer Eric Harris. 1. Full name: Draconis Blackthorne. 2. Nicknames: Satan, Drac, Monster, Undertaker, Man from down under. 3. Birthplace: Vanuys, CA. 4. Birthday: 2/1/∞ 5. Where Do You Live…

Major Hardon

B ill Daily played Major Healey on I Dream of Jeannie, and boy, he sure did! Even though he would date a variety of very sexy ladies, he always had a cock rocket "Major Hardon" for Jeannie, as did the majority of the heterosexual male populace. After all, she's quite a fantasy! A beautiful…

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