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being human

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Misc TV Show Fanfic Being Human (BBC) A Simple Cup of Tea: https://livinginsmiles.livejournal.com/12591.html The moments between Annie's death and her first haunting. Untitled: https://livinginsmiles.livejournal.com/12395.html Annie is shedding. What Lay Beyond:…

BH: A Simple Cup Of Tea

TITLE: A simple cup of tea FANDOM: Being Human RATED: PG-13 (for one word that may be considered offensive depending on your country of origin) CHARACTER: Annie EPISODES/SPOILERS: Pre-Episode 1. Spoilers for Episode 3. SUMMARY: The moments between Annie's death and her first haunting.…

Being Human

FANDOM: Being Human EPISODES/SPOILERS: Spoilers for S1 Episode 6. Pre-S2. DISCLAIMER: Annie. Mitchell. George. Not mine. Not mine. Not mine. "What is this?" George asked, holding his hand up and examining the thick substance coating his fingertips and palm, acquired from the door…

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