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A few things here and there

I've gotten behind with some of my notes, so let's play catch-up... Duolingo Back in March, Duo was going through some changes to the French exercises, and my app would attempt to change, then immediately go back to what I'd had. On April 1st, no fooling, it made the switch. I lost my crown…

Busia beads

Sunday. Our regular day to call grandma. Mom was home this week, meaning a longer call. When it was just me the previous week, the call lasted 15 minutes. With mom on the line? TWO. HOURS. Guess I know who the favorite is. I've started to check my AOL mail while on the phone with grandma. She…

Lava beads and a nice brioche

Day 1 of my week off. One of my items on my to-do list was to exchange the mittens I'd gotten from dad for my birthday. They were cute, but they were also meant for kids. Oops. This was also something dad mentioned doing, so since we both showered and dressed today, I asked if he wanted to go after…

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