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battle royale

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On the twelfth day of *cough* never mind

Sooooooo I was like "I shall see if I can write twelve vignettes for the twelfth day of Christmas! Won't take me that long." This turned into planning an entire Battle Royale, because I guess that's how I cope with lockdown? Anyway: [Title] The Lonely Girls [Fandom] Battle Royale [Rating] R for…

On the *cough* tenth day of Christmas

my true love sent to me ten nine more important thoughts [Title] Shrapnel [Fandom] Battle Royale [Rating] PG [Notes/Summary] Refugees from the Greater East Asian Republic have generally been through some tough times. With the Program, though, it's different. [Link] "Everyone…

On the eighth day of Christmas

my true love sent to me eight gun barrels [Title] Skills Set [Fandom] Death Note [Rating] G [Notes/Summary] Detectives in training have to learn to shoot. Wammy’s House taught them to shoot, because it seemed overly optimistic that the greatest detective in the world would never have to use a…

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