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Ugh...so much work.

Today was my first day back to work this week...but really, it was my first day back to work in like a month because I haven't really been doing much lately. Now - all of a sudden - I have SO much to do. Next week alone is going to be NUTS. Monday - Gossip Girl returns! Tuesday - St. Patrick's…

These are my favorite days of the year. Yesterday and today. Next Thursday and Friday. The days when college basketball is on ALL day. During most of the season, I don't want to watch anyone other than the Gators, but by tournament time, I've learned the other players around the league and…

JJ Redick is crying

Because LSU just beat Duke!!! 62-54. That screws up my bracket, but oh well. I know that we can beak LSU, so I'm gaining even more confidence in our team. We need a big win over Georgetown tomorrow night.

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