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Kinky Fuckbuddy, Vanilla Fuckbuddy, One Night Stand meme - Answer 2

*** About to head out again, going to visit dad, have coffee with friend T, and see Aladdin with my goddaughter. Kind of exhausted by all this socialising, nice as it is... Tomorrow don't have to do anything or see anyone, hurray! *** So, a quick post in form of the second answer to the Kinky…


*** Nothing exciting happened today, so I'll just witter about writing... (this is my coping strategy because otherwise I'll start crying over some of the wips I lost) Currently writing SGA McKay/Lorne for fandomtrumpshate - 1,177 words GO Aziraphale/Crowley for H - 1,497 words Pros…


*** This is not the proper update you are looking for... But a very brief Sunday ramble. House&Life: new washing machine is a dream, I have mastered the drill and put up (with some assistance) curtain railingins LIKE A BOSS, we are fast approaching the 'will take pictures to post' state of…

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