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band of brothers

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Still Valiant - a David Webster fanmix

This is War. The moment to live and the moment to die // the moment to fight. Fade Away. ‘Cause these wounds will hide and // blood will dry. We Must be Killers. We all know how to fake it baby. What a Shame. If there was nothing wrong // then there’d be nothing right. Things Ain’t…

Reccs: Original Fiction, Fanvideos, RPF, and Turn

In response to the @sunshine_challenge prompt four, I've gone through my AO3 bookmarks and I've decided to recc fics from my small fandoms that have less than 100 kudos. I'm not going to list the warnings, so please check the tags when you click. These fics and fanvids deserve all of the kudos and…

2019 Fic To-Do List and Accountability Post

A few nights ago, I managed to get access to the computer I used in 2011-early 2013... and in doing so, access to a bunch of fic I had written or partially written back then. Most of it was pretty short, just a few hundred words of AUs–one was close to 3k– it also left me feeling...…

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