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Salt cave report and some picspam

So, I finally managed to make my first trip to the salt cave. It is actually a simple room, with its walls lined with pieces of rock and Himalaya salt being evaporated in it. It was quite pleasant, and I believe that given enough time my airways will be freed up a little more. *fingers crossed*…

Our day out

Well, half a day. In any case, it was a lovely one, despite the fact that it started with the funeral of one of Mum's remaining old colleagues. Now she's the last one left from her generation. I hope I'll be allowed to keep her in good health for years to come yet. The ceremony was lovely, if you…

The big baking challenge

Tomorrow we're going to have guests - my oldest cousin and his wife are coming to celebrate (rather belatedly) Mum's 87th birthday. None of the other relatives gave a shit, so - in a sudden bout of self-destructive behaviour - I decided to give Mary Berry's apricot frangipane tart a try. This is…

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