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Back to the quiet life!

Today I finished planting out 24 bean plants into my vegetable raised bed. I must admit I hadn't realised I'd ordered so many back at the beginning of April, but there is room for them and I have just cut some bamboo from the plantation behind the shed to make extra supports. Tomorrow I have some…

Saturdays are always busy

Firstly, because it's our laundry day. Secondly because I decided that today was the day to bake a real, honest, down-to-earth Guglhupf - the original one, made of yeast dough, as they were done long before baking powder was invented. With lots of chopped almonds and candied fruit and raisins…

Paper love and other fun things

I'm sure you've already realized that I'm a bit addicted to pretty craft paper. One of my ex-collegues - a scrapbooking person of near-professional level - calls it paper love. It is a somewhat costly addiction, but it gives one great delight. So I went to the Savoy Park shopping centre today and…

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