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Busy day, I'm having busy, busy days

And that with the chiropodist cancelling our appointment in the last moment! Well, I used the time to write the price tags for my wares for the charity fair - pretty wares need pretty price tags, right? - and to finally take photos of all my Christmas-themed pocket letters. I don't want to litter…

Where does the time go?

Getting used to retirement isn't an easy thing to do. For starters, I don't remember being this busy while I actually worked! Which isn't a bad thing, per se, I just hoped I'd have the time to do all those things I never could do leisurely before. Well, guess what - I can't do them now, either! Of…

Ask and you shall receive

These are the recipes for the cookies I baked this morning. artemis10002000, they are for you. I've posted them to Pinterest as well, so you can simply download them there, but I thought perhaps more people will be interested - assuming they speak German. These are absolutely fabulous,…

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