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Happy BTTF Day! (In the US at least)

3:48pm: Indeed it is, I was planning to post this at 10:04pm California time, but then I remembered...I'll be at church. Ah well, them's the brakes. Moving along, I continue to read the old Journal entries and due to a lack of anything else to do I've decided to try the Anagrams from this post:…


5:40pm: I'm watching a repeat of Hard Quiz and one of the contestants special subject is Back to the Future! Eeee! I think I might have watched it before, because I feel like maybe the guy didn't get through to the final round which is a shame, because I'd like to know if I could blitz those…

Happy (Australian) BTTF Day!

10:18pm: Yes! I was super excited when I found this out last month...but then I discovered that I did in fact know this. Which just goes to show how shitty my memory has become. :OP I've continued my trawl through journal entries and here's an extremely rare occurrence. A quiz who's link still…

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