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After a hiatus of several years, I finally updated Kansas 2 - The Yellow Brick Road. The new chapter can be read here. This is a Babylon 5/Star Trek Voyager crossover, the middle part of a trilogy. I'm currently posting the first part, Still Not in Kansas, to AO3, one chapter a day. The…

Back Issue Purchases - 18 November 2018 - Part 1

Arcana: The Books of Magic annual # 1 Azrael # 32 Azrael # 33 Babylon 5: In Valen's Name # 1 Black Orchid vol.2 annual # 1 Blood Syndicate # 3 Blood Syndicate # 4 Blood Syndicate # 5 Blood Syndicate # 8 Brigade vol.2 # 10 Cable # 10…

Time for (more) BASEBALL

So now that the baseball playoff are about to start (after basically starting yesterday), I get to start making postseason baseball posts. So, Wild Card games: I don’t think it will surprise anyone who I’m rooting for. A’s vs. Yankees I’ll be rooting for the A’s, in part because I almost always…

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