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babylon 5

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To all my Babylon 5 fan friends - B5 Love Month is back

Babylon 5 Love Month returns in February this year! The goal is to post something to the Love Month community every day for the entire month. What can you post? Fiction, art, podfic, videos, essays, lists, recommendations – if it’s about B5 and shows your love for the show, go for it. The fic, art,…

Why I Love Banana Fish as A (White) American

(Light spoilers for Banana Fish) I love a lot of things about the manga Banana Fish, and one of them is the fact that it's set in the USA. I particularly enjoy that the character of Ash, like me, is white American. The reason is basically this: a character like Ash helps me spring free of…

Babylon 5 and Rugby League

Babylon 5: Pick are reshowing Babylon 5 from the beginning so last night was "Midnight on the Firing Line". Other than the fear that we're going to be living right there, right then for the next three years, oh that episode gets better with each watch. Because it's good anyway, and then once you…

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