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Walking with Vorlons

Just a short scene - well, two short scenes - from Chapter 25 of Kansas 2, the Babylon 5/Star Trek Voyager crossover I'm currently working on. If you aren't interested in those fandoms or in my scribblings, feel free to ignore everything behind the tag. Ulkesh Naranek, Babylon 5’s resident…


I accidentally came across COMET Tv, which is all sci-fi programming. It has an over-the-air presence, and it's also on Dish. On their web site, it says they're on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more. It's free, other than some providers that require membership before you can…

Today's snippet

Because mirasaui wanted more. “All right, so here's the big question,” Garibaldi said. “Now that we've shown them we can hurt them, how long till they come knocking at our front door?” “That's what worries me,” Sheridan confessed. “Unless the Vorlons enter the melee, our chances are…

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