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Thanksgiving Week!

It's Thanksgiving Week! If you're not traveling or cooking the feast, it can be a relaxing week before the holiday whirl really begins. The leaves are down, the days and nights are growing colder and the days are growing shorter. Time for sparkles and sequins and secrets under the tree as the…


AKA the best month of the year (for me) It doesn't have the same feel here in Silicon Valley, and I miss autumny feel of sunlight, and all the yellow-red leaves, and coolness... But I guess, being warm is nice, too. New schedules for me and kids are still up in the air, trying to arrange after…


Autumn has been here awhile. The days are cool and bright and the nights are cool, too. There are a few patches of color, but the trees won't give us the full show for awhile. The harvest will be bountiful (pumpkins, gourds, apples, etc.) and, of, course, Halloween will be approaching on stealthy…

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