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Productivity at a low cost: RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA Raises Productivity Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has long since arrived at the big companies. There are many good reasons to speak for RPA. The impact on the budget is low. The costs pay for themselves after a short time. Thus, RPA is an investment with manageable…

Robotic Process Automation Builds Value In your WorkPlace

RPA enables companies to free employees from simple, rule-based tasks and thus create space for more varied and value-adding activities. How does RPA support my company? Digital robots or Software robots so-called “bots”, are customizable programs that can be assigned any number of tasks. A bot…

Intelligent Automation Through RPA in Customer Services

Customer service organizations have many repetitive tasks. For example, customizing customer master data, which is usually stored in a third-party system. Whenever there are no interfaces to other software, and there is no point in creating them in terms of cost-benefit analysis, With AmazingRPA,…

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