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autism in entries

"eye contact"

Fun thing about "eye contact" - you get more (and more comfortable) eye contact if you're trustworthy. If you show you care about the person in front of you. 😉 You get less to no trust (and no true respect) if you insist on it. Autistic or not. This entry was originally posted at…

why children don't ask for help

[I] tried to respond to someone {a teacher} claiming {re what do to if an autistic child is constantly reporting other children’s swearing when there’s a rule to not swear} that ‘it’s hard for them to deal with an issue if they don’t directly observe it…

Help to get back to writing

Copied from facebook, denied posting this on reddit (I know my flist here know all about my daughter BK and how I used to write for her. Link to my AO3 dashboard will be below. Help/cheerleading/support/encouragement/kick up the bottom to write again needed please. (I hope mods allow?) Long story…

autism in communities

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