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It's about twenty minutes after midnight. Today (or yesterday rather) I emailed the housing authority to find out the date of the inspection for the apartment I applied for. Surprise! It had been inspected that morning, and it had passed. So I got the landlord to email the lease so that I could…


The landlord called me to say that the housing authority has scheduled the apartment inspection. Great. Then I'll just need to sign the lease and submit info to the VRC to get my rental deposit paid. Half the progress I made with my skin is gone now thanks to about a month's worth of breakout.…

Passages from On the Edge of Gone

I recently read On the Edge of Gone, by the autistic author I wrote about a couple months ago..the main character was autistic as well, and here are the passages I could absolutely relate to lol "It occurs to me that I'm being rude. I almost flop back into my seat again because I know what comes…

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