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August Life Update

Life update time! I should be on a plane to Sydney the time next week, to go with my Cassie to see Hamilton, hug my Alex for the first time in three years (aside from a very brief, one day visit in January last year), head up to the Blue Mountains for an onsen (sort of) trip... but then covid.…

I'M AN AUNTIE! To an adorable little cherrub called Airlie, and about whom I've talked in a flocked post cos I don't want to release anything without Mumma's permission. But she's beautiful and I love her. Australia update: Our curve is definitely flattening. No further restrictions, though idiots…

Booze client has sent through updated pricing for the next period, so we're still printing and I'm still doing their artwork, WOO. We stay open for another week! My café I'd been going to every day since last Monday in the interest of supporting for as long as I could shut up shop yesterday, tho. I…

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