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A damp week...

The weather on Monday was reasonable. We were able to get a few things done in the garden, including a bit more leaf-raking and such-like, without getting more than very lightly rained on. The rest of the week has been wet. There have been some dry(-sh) spells, but nothing predictable enough to do…

Getting Stuff Done

Last Wednesday we went to join a small group on an outdoor outing to visit three productive gardens over in Stroud. The first was a herb garden, and was pretty wild as, by this time of the year, many of the plants are going to seed. The second was a small co-operative vegetable-growing enterprise…

Pondering Ponds and Other Things

In other news, mostly we've been getting on with garden projects. I did some work to raise the water level in the pond just a little. The aim is to get the level as even as possible, so that as little of the liner as possible shows above the water line when the pond is full, and that the pond…

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