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hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... As somebody who is super poly, I don't totally buy into the "twin flame" ideal and yet - I also sort of get it. Three times in my life I have had an experience where somebody was so familiar in so many ways that I had to question whether it was…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... Further random thoughts. As somebody with an Earth Sun/Fire Moon, I definitely understand the war that it can bring to your personality. What my Taurus Sun wants, my Aries Moon often dislikes and vice versa. I often wonder what it looks like to an outside…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... Oh, this is definitely a synastry win for meeeeee. In the sense that I figured it out. Short story: bad behavior between Shen and the S.O. of Ivy at Christmas and Ivy was sooooooo worried that they would stay together. And I couldn't really....see it.…

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