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Chiron, lemongrass, and the "root" of the problem

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... As I alluded to the other day, I came to a really intense realization about a couple of the important people from my life and why the fuck they have hurt so good. This year is so full of important lessons — while other people are learning deep Saturnian and…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... It is weird to recognize that for most people, these quarantini times might be the hardest times of their lives and for me, that isn't even possible. It's a weird space to exist in — a weird space to have to hold space for. The thing is, it's been really easy…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... I wrote a whole thing about Felipe and then deleted it so that's how my day is going. This eclipse energy hit a lot of points in my chart — most exactly to my Chiron and Ascendant but also to my Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. And hear those bells of realization go…

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