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you have a mental Illinois

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... My emotions have been all over the place today which I know is a symptom of existing in "interesting times". Thrice I was reminded of the Phoenix and (indirectly) his Dark Intent. I have complicated feelings about that man and I always will — loving him (as…

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... Ah yes, there it is. Fuck that was intense. Gray really sucked all the air out of me and it took me almost two full days to recover from that...which is...interesting. I literally had to trick myself in playing around with a design program which was fun and…

the sun in synastry and crushes, part 1

hello world, it's me, Zarozynia... I'm on a roll and do want to get through these experiments before I completely forget about them and so I continue onwards with the Sun. It does occur to me, as I write these, that perhaps I ought to include some explanation so that if another reads this, and is…

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